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October 12 1984
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My journey in the X industry started a long time ago. Since about the age of 10, I was watching X movies when television sets were scrambled. This era began well before the Internet. I've always been fascinated by this profession. I did not watch the X only for explicit sex, but also for the artistic side.
The film that struck me the most was Babewatch of Buck Adams, I saw that there was creativity in this field. With the actresses of the era, such as Asia Carrera, Holly Body, Rebecca Wild, etc. ...
The life’s of professional X actors fascinated me at the highest point, my idol in this job is none other than Peter North. Thanks to him I found out that the actors in this field were not pretentious, vile, chauvinistic or sexist. I had the chance to meet him in person, and I saw that to be successful in that environment, you must be disciplined and passionate.
Having studied at university in order to be a chartered accountant, I knew that I would not be happy to work 9-5 the rest of my life. But it allowed me to acquire knowledge, and have a plan b, if my dream was not realized.
To keep me disciplined and efficient, I am a fan of extreme sports, I've always had a great passion for bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I've always been disciplined in training.
I hope one day that X will take me to Hollywood action films. But now, I am happy in what I do.
The X has changed a lot over the last decade, the emphasis is placed more on Gonzo now, in such studios as Reality Kings. I think I could bring more consumers and fans to this thriving industry.